At DUNLOP, we believe that our brand represents a promise to our customers as well as the close bond that exists between us. At the same time, our brand also serves as a mark of trust and reliability.

Love of sports knows no borders—it is a universal theme in any language and in every culture.
The long and storied history of DUNLOP began in 1888 with the invention of the world’s first pneumatic tire. Since then, DUNLOP has risen to international prominence while continually growing and developing.

Since producing the very first golf and tennis balls in Japan, the Sports Business Headquarters of Sumitomo Rubber Industries has played an active role in the history of golf and tennis while providing the world with many new and innovative products.
Though originating in DUNLOP, our Sports Business now offers sporting goods under a wide range of brands, including XXIO, SRIXON and Cleveland Golf—each with its own unique character. We are proud to support top athletes who are active on the global stage by providing top-notch gear to keep them at the top of their game.
Meanwhile, through the sports club chain that we operate as part of our Wellness Business, our nationwide chain of golf and tennis schools, our golf course, our golf tournament sponsorship and so forth, we are actively engaged in various activities that support sports in general.

For all of those who wish to enrich their lives through sports, we will continue to respond to your love of sports with our outstanding technology, with sincerity and with a spirit that drives us to take on bold new challenges.



The year was 1888. The place was Ireland.
Wanting to make his son’s tricycle more enjoyable to ride, John Boyd Dunlop came up with the world’s first pneumatic tire. Thus, DUNLOP was founded on the basis of a father’s love for his child.

The innovative technologies that DUNLOP cultivated in developing tires would soon be harnessed in the development of high-performance golf and tennis gear as well.
In 1909, DUNLOP began producing golf balls in England. A few years later, DUNLOP also began producing tennis balls.

Then, in 1930, DUNLOP began producing Japan’s first domestic golf and tennis balls, which were soon followed by the first domestic golf clubs.
From the beginning, DUNLOP has always pursued top quality by earnestly listening to our users and seeking out the feedback of top pros while refining our designs over and over again before bringing a finished product to market.
This conscientious approach to product development remains a hallmark of DUNLOP to this day.

Like the keen arrow of our logo as it pierces the air, we at DUNLOP have continued to propel ourselves forward throughout our 130-year history of continued growth and development.
And driven by the strength of our innovative technology and enduring reputation for reliability, we have played an integral role in bringing golf and tennis to people all over the world.

Moving forward, we will continue to enhance our global presence while expanding our reach into entirely new regions in the future.

Pouring our love of sports into the quality of our products, we are proud to provide our customers with the tools that they need for a more active life.



Since its inception in 2000, XXIO has established itself as one of the leading brands in the world of golf.

Our outstanding technology and earnest approach to meeting our customers’ needs have been the driving force behind the ongoing evolution of our XXIO lineup, ensuring that each new model far surpasses its predecessor when it comes to carry distance and ease of making nice shots.
At the same time, we have also continually refined technologies to enable all golfers to experience the joys of golf—the pleasant feel of a solid hit, the thrill of hitting the fairway from the tee—to their fullest.

The XXIO brand takes its name from the Roman numeral for 21 (XXI) and the letter O, which is both Japanese for “king” and short for ON (as in “Onward”). Thus, XXIO means “Push Onward as the King of the 21st Century!”

Over the years, XXIO has gained a strong reputation as a trusted brand and earned the unwavering loyalty of golfers all over the world, many of whom swear by it with the motto, “You can’t go wrong with XXIO.”



SRIXON is the brand of choice for players who live for the thrill of competition and crave the taste of victory.
SRIXON clubs incorporate cutting-edge technology to draw out and maximize the performance potential of players who are driven to improve their game.

We work closely with PGA Tour pros and other world-class golfers at the top of their game to develop top-notch gear to respond to their passion for the game and their drive to conquer new challenges.

SRIXON takes its name from our company’s initials (Sumitomo Rubber Industries) plus ON (as in “Onward).”

Cleveland Golf

Cleveland Golf

The short game—approach shots and putting—has a major impact on your overall score. For pro golfers, it can make the difference between victory and defeat. Meanwhile, for amateur golfers looking to improve their game, it can make a big difference when it comes to shaving off points.
Cleveland Golf is a brand that specializes in wedges, the clubs that determine the success or failure of these delicate short game shots.
Long used by top pro golfers in overseas tournaments, Cleveland Golf has recently made a name for itself in Japan with clubs reputed to “lock in victory.”

Cleveland Golf has its R&D base in the city of Huntington Beach on the California Coast. The company was founded by Roger Cleveland, who first developed the teardrop-shaped wedges that are now the most commonly used type of wedge.

Since becoming a member of the DUNLOP Group in 2007, Cleveland Golf has taken advantage of its combination of classic design beauty and DUNLOP’s cutting-edge technology to become the dependable choice of top pro golfers around the world.